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imap_fetch_overview - Read an overview of the information in the headers of the given message

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(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

imap_fetch_overviewRead an overview of the information in the headers of the given message


array imap_fetch_overview ( resource $imap_stream , string $sequence [, int $options = 0 ] )

This function fetches mail headers for the given sequence and returns an overview of their contents.

Список параметров


Поток IMAP, полученный из imap_open().


A message sequence description. You can enumerate desired messages with the X,Y syntax, or retrieve all messages within an interval with the X:Y syntax


sequence will contain a sequence of message indices or UIDs, if this parameter is set to FT_UID.

Возвращаемые значения

Returns an array of objects describing one message header each. The object will only define a property if it exists. The possible properties are:

  • subject - the messages subject
  • from - who sent it
  • to - recipient
  • date - when was it sent
  • message_id - Message-ID
  • references - is a reference to this message id
  • in_reply_to - is a reply to this message id
  • size - size in bytes
  • uid - UID the message has in the mailbox
  • msgno - message sequence number in the mailbox
  • recent - this message is flagged as recent
  • flagged - this message is flagged
  • answered - this message is flagged as answered
  • deleted - this message is flagged for deletion
  • seen - this message is flagged as already read
  • draft - this message is flagged as being a draft


Пример #1 imap_fetch_overview() example

     or die(
"can't connect: " imap_last_error());

$MC imap_check($mbox);

// Fetch an overview for all messages in INBOX
$result imap_fetch_overview($mbox,"1:{$MC->Nmsgs}",0);
foreach (
$result as $overview) {
"#{$overview->msgno} ({$overview->date}) - From: {$overview->from}

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