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Imagick::evaluateImage - Applies an expression to an image

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(PECL imagick 2.0.0)

Imagick::evaluateImageApplies an expression to an image


bool Imagick::evaluateImage ( int $op , float $constant [, int $channel = Imagick::CHANNEL_ALL ] )

Applys an arithmetic, relational, or logical expression to an image. Use these operators to lighten or darken an image, to increase or decrease contrast in an image, or to produce the "negative" of an image.

Список параметров


The evaluation operator


The value of the operator


Provide any channel constant that is valid for your channel mode. To apply to more than one channel, combine channeltype constants using bitwise operators. Refer to this list of channel constants.


Пример #1 Using Imagick::evaluateImage()

Using evaluateImage to reduce opacity in an image.

// Create new object with the image
$im = new Imagick('example-alpha.png');

// Reduce the alpha by 50%

// Output the image
header("Content-Type: image/png");

Возвращаемые значения

В случае успешной работы возвращает TRUE.


Вызывает ImagickException при ошибке.

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