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ZMQContext::getSocket - Create a new socket

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(PECL zmq >= 0.5.0)

ZMQContext::getSocketCreate a new socket


public ZMQSocket ZMQContext::getSocket ( integer $type [, string $persistent_id = null [, callback $on_new_socket = null ]] )

Shortcut for creating new sockets from the context. If the context is not persistent the persistent_id parameter is ignored and the socket falls back to being non-persistent. The on_new_socket is called only when a new underlying socket structure is created.

Список параметров


ZMQ::SOCKET_* constant to specify socket type.


If persistent_id is specified the socket will be persisted over multiple requests.


Callback function, which is executed when a new socket structure is created. This function does not get invoked if the underlying persistent connection is re-used. The callback takes ZMQSocket and persistent_id as two arguments.


Пример #1 A ZMQContext() example

Basic usage

/* Allocate a new context */
$context = new ZMQContext();

/* Create a new socket */
$socket $context->getSocket(ZMQ::SOCKET_REQ'my sock');

/* Connect the socket */

/* Send a request */
$socket->send("Hello there");

/* Receive back the response */
$message $socket->recv();
"Received message: {$message}\n";

Возвращаемые значения

Returns a ZMQSocket object on success. Throws ZMQSocketException on error.

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