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ZMQSocket::connect - Connect the socket

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(PECL zmq >= 0.5.0)

ZMQSocket::connectConnect the socket


public ZMQSocket ZMQSocket::connect ( string $dsn [, boolean $force = false ] )

Connect the socket to a remote endpoint. The endpoint is defined in format transport://address where transport is one of the following: inproc, ipc, tcp, pgm or epgm.

Список параметров


The connect dsn, for example transport://address.


Tries to connect even if the socket has already been connected to given endpoint.


Пример #1 A ZMQContext() example

Construct a new context and allocate request socket from it

/* Server hostname */
$dsn "tcp://";

/* Create a socket */
$socket = new ZMQSocket(new ZMQContext(), ZMQ::SOCKET_REQ'my socket');

/* Get list of connected endpoints */
$endpoints $socket->getEndpoints();

/* Check if the socket is connected */
if (!in_array($dsn$endpoints['connect'])) {
"<p>Connecting to $dsn</p>";
} else {
"<p>Already connected to $dsn</p>";

/* Send and receive */
$message $socket->recv();

"<p>Server said: {$message}</p>";

Возвращаемые значения

Returns the current object. Throws ZMQSocketException on error.

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